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Cassidian Communications University

As one of our valued customers, we encourage you to take part in our comprehensive, yet highly flexible education program, Cassidian Communications University.

The curriculum is designed to ensure your complete understanding and successful use of the solutions and services of our full-circle security and communications portfolio. Courses cover our IP-enabled call center applications for CAD, mapping and information management, as well as emergency notification and P25 land mobile radio. All are led by friendly, knowledgeable product training specialists, dedicated to meeting the educational requirements of new and returning students alike.


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Course Name




VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin04/28/14 - 05/09/14Temecula, CAopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin04/28/14 - 05/09/14Westchester, ILopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin05/12/14 - 05/23/14Temecula, CAopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.X Advanced Troubleshooting05/13/14 - 05/15/14Temecula, CAopen
The Communicator NXT and GeoCast Web05/13/14 - 05/15/14Franklin, TNopen
The Communicator NXT05/13/14 - 05/14/14Franklin, TNopen
Aurora I&M/Admin05/20/14 - 05/21/14Temecula, CAopen
ORION Aries I&M/Admin06/02/14 - 06/05/14Temecula, CAopen
Pallas I&M/Programming06/02/14 - 06/06/14Temecula, CAopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin06/02/14 - 06/13/14Westchester, ILopen
VESTA Pallas I&M/Admin06/09/14 - 06/13/14Temecula, CAopen
The Communicator NXT and GeoCast Web06/10/14 - 06/12/14Franklin, TNopen
The Communicator NXT06/10/14 - 06/11/14Franklin, TNopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin Delta06/10/14 - 06/12/14Temecula, CAopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin06/16/14 - 06/27/14Temecula, CAopen
VESTA/Sentinel 4.x I&M/Admin Delta06/17/14 - 06/19/14Westchester, ILopen