Notification Solutions and Services for Corporate Environments

Rapid communication in contingencies can mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss, or even life and death. This is especially true in the corporate environment where adverse, fast changing or unexpected events can impact both operational resiliency and personal safety. Globally, hundreds of high-profile organizations rely on the notification solutions and services of Cassidian Communications, an Airbus Defense & Space Holdings, Inc. company, to support their BC/DR strategies. You can too.


Notification Solutions and Services Products

The Communicator! NXT

In a contingency, an organization's ability to alert and in many instances, mobilize critical resources is essential to the outcome. From IT disruptions affecting business continuity to events prompting homeland defense operations to extreme weather conditions threatening public safety, Cassidian Communication's The Communicator! NXT solution is a proven, reliable means for emergency notification. Learn More

GeoCast Web

This IP-enabled application seamlessly combines all phone and GIS data to rapidly deliver incident- related information or instruction to target audiences. It also gathers critical feedback, such as the physical status of recipients, helping ensure the best outcome for everyone. Learn More

Desktop Alert

Many situations, including security threats, fires and inclement weather, prompt the need for immediate information sharing across your IP network(s). With the Desktop Alert notification solution, you can instantly raise awareness for these and other situations by sending audible and visible messages via PCs, laptops, etc. Learn More