Whether warning people of potential hazards or sharing general information with the community-at-large, Cassidian Communications REVERSE 911® emergency notification system facilitates fast and effective communication within the public sector. This nationally acclaimed software application seamlessly combines mapping and database technologies, enabling law enforcement, fire/EMS, emergency management and military operations to visually identify, then automatically alert, people inside certain geographic locations. It also provides simple, yet highly efficient, notification of personnel, volunteers and others, quickly mobilizing them for emergency response.


Scalable in design, the REVERSE 911® system is ideal for use in small towns and villages, as well as small to mid-sized municipalities, school campuses, Federal agencies and military bases. The application features a remotely accessible, yet highly secure browser-based interface, allowing organizations seeking a regionalized approach to emergency notification to easily share its resources. Just as important, it is an extremely effective community outreach tool, automatically dispersing important, but not necessarily critical, information, such planned electrical outages and construction projects, throughout your particular area(s).

The REVERSE 911® emergency notification system offers many optional modules that can be combined in a variety of ways to expand your critical and routine notification capabilities.

Key Benefits

Key Features

High-capacity Communications

MassCall® - For high-volume notification of hundreds, or even hundreds of thousands of people, through Cassidian Communications remotely accessible, yet fully secure hosting facilities REVERSE 911.NET - For quick and easy sharing of neighboring resources in large-scale emergencies LineGrabber - For automatic seizing of inbound telephone lines when additional outbound calling capacity is needed

Specialized Applications

HAZMAT - Comprehensive, directional calling capabilities following hazardous materials incidents, chemical releases, etc. Mobilization Plus™ - Immediate notification and assembly of personnel, volunteers and others Guardian Calling - Scheduled wellness checks of homebound residents, senior citizens and others within the community

Communications Enhancements

Community Information Line - Acts as a bulletin board, providing updates, community service announcements, etc. to callers Faxing - Provides automatic faxing of information or instruction to designated REVERSE 911® recipients, such as local businesses

Mission critical operations worldwide rely on Cassidian Communications and the industry-renowned REVERSE 911® solution for emergency and non-emergency communications every day. Their success drives our ongoing development efforts and customer service initiatives, allowing us to continually raise the bar in the notification industry. We welcome the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices with you.