GeoCast Web

Certain situations warrant notification of people based solely on their physical location, such as proximity to a HAZMAT incident. In these instances, the GeoCast® Web™ solution from Cassidian Communications provides immediate, map-driven communication within all visually identified areas. This IP-enabled application seamlessly combines all phone and GIS data to rapidly deliver incident- related information or instruction to target audiences. It also gathers critical feedback, such as the physical status of recipients, helping ensure the best outcome for everyone.

GeoCast Web

Proven emergency and non-emergency uses of the GeoCast Web solution include extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and snowstorms, missing persons, shelter-in-place activations, planned and unplanned utility outages, traffic tie-ups and the sharing of public health precautions.

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Public and private sector organizations worldwide rely on Cassidian Communications and the GeoCast Web solution for emergency and non-emergency communications every day. Their success drives our ongoing development efforts and customer service initiatives, allowing us to continually raise the bar in the notification industry. We welcome the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices with you.