Notification Solutions for Public Alerting

Whether you represent state and local government, a utility, a global corporation or anything in between, you have the responsibility to keep people safe and informed. Yet it is precisely in times of danger that so many public and private sector organizations stumble in their communication with the community at large. As a pioneer and trusted leader in emergency notification technology, Cassidian Communications can help.

Our geospatial notification solutions enable rapid, high-volume alerting for extreme weather, public health threats, HAZMAT incidents, missing persons and other critical situations. Take time now to learn how your organization, like so many others, can benefit from the quick adoption and use of these proven platforms.

Public Alerting

Notification Solutions and Services Products

GeoCast Web

This IP-enabled application seamlessly combines all phone and GIS data to rapidly deliver incident- related information or instruction to target audiences. It also gathers critical feedback, such as the physical status of recipients, helping ensure the best outcome for everyone. Learn More


Whether warning people of potential hazards or sharing general information with the community-at-large, Cassidian Communications REVERSE 911® emergency notification system facilitates fast and effective communication within the public sector. This nationally acclaimed software application seamlessly combines mapping and database technologies, enabling law enforcement, fire/EMS, emergency management and military operations to visually identify, then automatically alert, people inside certain geographic locations Learn More