LTE for Public Safety

Cassidian Communications is addressing the public safety need for wireless broadband services by offering Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices and applications that deliver anytime, anywhere access to high-speed, high- bandwidth, mission critical data and applications.

Designed specifically for the North American market, the Cassidian Communications LTE solutions support end-to-end multimedia – from the citizens to the PSAP and from the PSAP to first responders – as well as push-to-talk over LTE that enables standards-based voice communications between LTE PDAs and P25 digital radios.


Cassidian Communications LTE devices and applications, in combination with the LTE network infrastructure from its partner Alcatel-Lucent, eliminates communications barriers – between departments, between jurisdictions and between mission- and non mission-critical personnel – providing first responders with the full scope of information they need to integrate awareness among agencies, facilitate a coordinated response, and implement a unified incident management strategy.

LTE Products


The Broadband Vehicle Router 700

The Broadband Vehicle Router 700 (BVR700) provides high-speed wireless communications for public safety first responders – ensuring rapid and reliable access to mission critical field applications. Versatile and modular, the BVR700 can be configured to provide access to the public safety Band 14 network as well as one of the commercial LTE networks by simply adding the appropriate LTE700 mPCle cards to the unit. The result is a mobile broadband solution that delivers the high bandwidth necessary for a variety of mobile and fixed applications, including mobile command and control, video surveillance and other data intensive applications. Learn More