P25 Land Mobile Radio

The CORP25 digital trunked Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solution from Cassidian Communications is the industry’s only true non-proprietary P25 network offering. One hundred percent standards-compliant, the IP-based CORP25 radio system enables interoperability within and between systems, and allows agencies to select radios, consoles, recorders and other network components from a variety of different vendors – offering both economical and operational advantages over proprietary systems. This innovative “true-choice” approach enables competitive procurements and allows customers to build the best networks . . . with the best equipment . . . for the best price.

Land mobile Radio

The open, multi-vendor design of the CORP25 radio system, along with its IP-centric, distributed architecture, provides the flexibility and performance needed to simply and cost-effectively address the primary requirements of today’s public safety solutions – interoperability, scalability, evolution, total cost of ownership and responsible spend of tax payers’ money.

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