Cassidian Communications Project 25 (P25) Interoperability Testing Program

Cassidian Communications extensive interoperability testing program simulates scenarios and conditions encountered in the field, ensuring that first responders have powerful, flexible and reliable communications tools.

Interoperable Radio

The Interoperability Testing Program (IOT) implemented by Cassidian Communications, an Airbus Defense & Space Holdings, Inc. company validates the ability of third party P25 components to work with its CORP25 RFSS. The non-proprietary, standards-compliant CORP25 solution is completely open – supporting a multi-vendor environment and “true choice” in radios and other critical subsystem components required to complete a functional turnkey system to the end user.

The Interoperability Testing Program is significant in that it allows agencies to select best-in-class components with confidence, knowing that the IOT testing has validated that they will interoperate in normal and abnormal conditions. IOT has allowed Cassidian Communications to work with other manufacturers to create the industry’s first multi-vendor ecosystem for digital trunked RFSS solutions. For customers, the result is an open, standards-based environment in which they can utilize competitive procurements to reduce costs for non-core products, successfully eliminating the proprietary premiums other vendors place on radios, consoles, recorders and other components.

The IOT program, which takes place in the Cassidian Communications R&D Centre in Gatineau, provides a static test suite for third party components, including:

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Subscriber Unit Radios

Subscriber Unit Radios (SUs) which have passed both P25 Voice and P25 Packet Data Service IOT testing include:

Motorola P25 Trunking

Tait P25 Trunking

Kenwood (currently P25 Voice only)

EFJohnson Technologies

RELM P25 Trunked


Consoles which have passed IOT testing include:


Recorders which have passed IOT testing include: