Our Mission

Defending World Security. We support the people whose mission is to protect the world.

Company Overview

Cassidian Communications, an Airbus Defense & Space Holdings, Inc. company, dates back to the 1960's with the development of single console telephone dispatch systems for utility call centers. Decades of consistent innovation, advancing technology, and targeted research and development have provided a solid foundation and ever increasing market share. Today, Cassidian Communications is a trusted leader in mission critical communication, emergency notification and P25 land mobile radio.

Cassidian Communications Building

Our solutions start from 9-1-1 call processing applications, through P25 land mobile radio, to emergency notification solutions and managed services. The breadth of our solutions is unmatched in the public safety, federal and corporate industries.

Technology and, more importantly, communication media and methods of delivery are evolving at an unprecedented pace. The public safety, federal and corporate systems of today need to be flexible enough to support these new requirements. Based on a common technology framework that is standards-based, secure, built on an IP core and utilizing a flexible, software-driven architecture and commercially available off-the-shelf hardware, Cassidian Communications solutions are designed expressly to support next generation communication requirements simply, powerfully and economically.

Accordingly, thousands of operations, ranging from emergency 9-1-1 centers to military bases to industries such as transportation, finance, healthcare, education, food & beverage, oil & chemical and utilities, have successfully deployed the leading-edge technologies of Cassidian Communications. We are proud that our solutions ultimately serve over 200 million U.S. citizens 24/7.