Cassidian Communications and the City of Richardson Celebrate an Industry Milestone

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Cassidian Communications and the City of Richardson recently celebrated the launch of the City's new CORP25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network from Cassidian Communications with a "ribbon-cutting" ceremony held at the Public Safety Complex in downtown Richardson, Texas.

The event, which took place on January 19, 2012, was attended by more than 150 people including city, state and public safety industry representatives, as well as Cassidian Communications customers and partners. Speakers included Richardson's mayor and city manager, the police and fire chiefs, Gigi Smith from APCO International, David Kunkle, former Dallas chief of police, Jean-Marc Nasr, CEO of Cassidian Security and Communications Solutions, and Bob Freinberg, CEO of Cassidian Communications.

The event also included an official "launch call" and a short reception immediately following the presentations.

The event not only celebrated the launch of the actual system, but it also marked a significant advancement in public safety communications, and in the industry as a whole, in that the new CORP25 network is the first fully interoperable, digital, trunked, P25 LMR solution in North Texas to integrate best-in-class network infrastructure and radio components from disparate manufacturers.

The industry's only true, non-proprietary P25 LMR solution, the CORP25 system is completely P25 standards-compliant, which means it supports and interoperates with a mix of network hardware, regardless of the manufacturer. By leveraging this clear advantage of the CORP25 system, the City of Richardson was able to "unbundle" the traditional (single-vendor) procurement process to select the highest-quality equipment for the best price - ultimately saving the City more than $5 million and over fifty percent of what was originally budgeted.

The collaboration between the City of Richardson and Cassidian Communications to build a system that puts the best communications and equipment into the hands of first responders and saves tax payer money, demonstrates a partnership and dedication to responsible government and clears the way for all public safety agencies/organizations to demand interoperable, standards-based - and truly customer-focused - vendor solutions.

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