9-1-1 Call Processing for Public Safety

Two-thirds of all 9-1-1 call centers in the United States rely on our fully integrated call handing solutions that facilitate the call taking and dispatching processes for faster, more efficient response results.

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Public Safety Call Processing Products


VESTA®/Sentinel® 4

Bringing the best features of these two nationally acclaimed products together, the VESTA/Sentinel 4 system establishes the new benchmark for NG9-1-1 call taking. It combines Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call handling with advanced Cassidian Communications call control technologies to support the emergency and administrative call taking needs of PSAPs with up to 250 positions. It also includes standard telephony features, e.g., Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), one-button transfer and dynamic conferencing. Plus its flexible, open architecture often eliminates the need for a traditional PBX, reducing call center costs and easily accommodating single and multi-site (geo-diverse) deployments.

Most importantly, the VESTA/Sentinel 4 system features an all-new, highly configurable and vastly intuitive user interface, considered a foundational component of our next generation integrated, geospatial multimedia platform.

A comprehensive migration strategy to the VESTA/Sentinel 4 system is in place for Cassidian Communications customers using earlier releases of our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions. These include: Sentinel® Patriot®, Sentinel® CM, Sentinel® CommandPost™, VESTA® Pallas™, VESTA® CS, VESTA® DMS-100 and VESTA® SL-100.


An advanced mapping solution providing multiple configurable map views, access rights based on user login, and many improved user controls for map navigation and external accessibility. The application provides for on-the-fly measurement unit conversion and includes built-in support of ESRI-compliant Shapefiles and Personal Geo-databases. Learn More


A map-centric application delivering incident data directly to the desktop enabling call takers to track every resource, view premise history and access supplemental information. Data is provided on demand, operator performance is instantly enhanced and response capabilities are dramatically improved. Learn More


A fully integrated mobile data component featuring robust mobile data workstations designed from the ground up to be a complete solution for AVL and mobile data access with seamless data integration and interoperability with our ORION ARIES solution. Learn More


A comprehensive and scalable mapping solution designed to work in tandem with our VESTA solution, or as an adjunct to third-party CAD and CPE. Built on a powerful Microsoft Windows and ESRI platform, it offers a configurable interface and convenient toolbar for instant access and processing of incident information. Learn More


An advanced MIS solution for emergency call centers designed to manage the changes in technology and new communication media. This application addresses these new challenges by improving responsiveness and overall management. Learn More

CERES AudioRegister

A DLR and retrieval system providing a standardized and configurable platform for any size emergency call center.

ORION DataSync

An automated map and data updating solution designed to synchronize map data across LAN/WAN whenever data is updated, saving time and money.


A self-contained, CPE independent, server-based system designed to provide secure and reliable management of enhanced ALI.


This DLR and retrieval system is designed to record from four-to-144 channels per unit and is scalable to provide multiple units featuring hundreds of channels.

Sentinel ALI

A comprehensive ALI database solution for private and public ALI applications designed to provide the call taker with information on the 9-1-1 caller.


A real-time management tool allowing administrators to easily monitor, join or take control of any call within the VESTA network.