9-1-1 Call Processing for Federal

Hundreds of federal agencies and DoD installations worldwide rely on our advanced technologies for base security, fire prevention, and command and control.

JITC Certification

JITC certification ensures products are secure, operate optimally in a multi-vendor environment, deliver exacting levels of performance under duress, and offer other unique features and functionality required for national security.

The Defense Information System Agency (DISA) is responsible for certifying that all Defense Department C4I systems are interoperable. Specifically, DISA Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)* certification is required for all voice networking equipment connecting to the U.S. DoD core network. In December 2002, this requirement became law with the signing of Public Law 107-314, PDF SEC 353 (S348/H354). Contact us for more information related to our security and JITC certifications.


Federal Call Processing Products

vesta dms100


An intelligent, easy to use CTI application provides dispatchers full, touch-screen control of both wire line and wireless calls. Rigorously tested, this resilient network-based solution achieved JITC certification, demonstrating its reliability and security.


An advanced mapping solution providing multiple configurable map views, access rights based on user login, and many improved user controls for map navigation and external accessibility. The application provides for on-the-fly measurement unit conversion and includes built-in support of ESRI-compliant Shapefiles and Personal Geo-databases. Learn More


A fully integrated mobile data component featuring robust mobile data workstations designed from the ground up to be a complete solution for AVL and mobile data access with seamless data integration and interoperability with our ORION ARIES solution. Learn More

CERES AudioRegister

A DLR and retrieval system providing a standardized and configurable platform for any size emergency call center.

ORION DataSync

An automated map and data updating solution designed to synchronize map data across LAN/WAN whenever data is updated, saving time and money.


A self-contained, CPE independent, server-based system designed to provide secure and reliable management of enhanced ALI.


This DLR and retrieval system is designed to record from four-to-144 channels per unit and is scalable to provide multiple units featuring hundreds of channels.

Sentinel ALI

A comprehensive ALI database solution for private and public ALI applications designed to provide the call taker with information on the 9-1-1 caller.